John Calhoun

‘There is a lot more story to tell’: Visceral teases life beyond Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 probably won’t be the last game in Visceral’s horror series, according to a tease from the game’s associate producer John Calhoun. But he couldn’t say if Isaac will be along for the ride or not. Mysterious bugger.

8 years ago

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  • Warning: contains plenty of Dead Space

    During the time she spent with Dead Space 3, Brenna Hillier didn’t experience any quick time events, didn’t end up in a boss battle every few minutes, and didn’t mow down waves of enemies. The demo this is not.

    8 years ago
  • More details on Dead Space 3's co-op, enemies and world

    EA let the new Dead Space game out the bag at this year’s E3. VG247 got to see more of the game and speak to John Calhoun, producer on Dead Space 3. Bug squashing after the jump.

    9 years ago