Johann Sebastian Joust

Sportsfriends hits PC this week, but without Johann Sebastian Joust

Glorious party game Johann Sebastian Joust will not be included in the PC version of Sportsfriends.

Johann Sebastian Joust headlines

  • Sportsfriends successfully funded on Kickstarter

    Sportsfriends, a collection of four local multiplayer games bundled together, has successfully reached its $150,000 funding goal on Kickstarter.

  • Johann Sebastian Joust invites his Sportsfriends to PS3 and PC

    I can see the elevator pitch now, “The game is akin to trying to knock other players ice-cream cones to the ground, whilst protecting your own ice-cream cone, all to classical music that sped up and slowed down!”. Sounds crazy, but not only does it work, it’s been beloved by many who have played it […]