Joan Of Arc

Chilean PS3 ads feature Rommel, nurses

A Chilean ad firm’s come up with a great way to sell PS3 – by putting together images of Rommel and Joan of Arc receiving blood and a heart from “gamers”.Why? Fuck knows. Pretty though, innit?Thanks, Kotaku.

11 years ago

Joan Of Arc headlines

  • Lionhead's sixth and final GamesCom teaser goes to Joan of Arc

    Lionhead’s released the sixth and final teaser from it’s website to an impending announcement.Today, you have Joan of Arc to keep you company.“I am not afraid… I was born to do this”.So, not counting this, we’ve had Che Guevara, Abe Lincoln, Emma Goldman, Aristotle and Maximilien Robespierre.But what is Peter Molyneux announcing tomorrow? Fable III? […]

    11 years ago