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Sir, You Are Being Hunted video shows off a mountain biome

Sir, You Are Being Hunted has a new video available, and it shows off one of the game’s biomes. Big Robot’s Jim Rossignol walks you through the mountain region. It looks rather lovely and if you are heading to Rezzed in June, you will be able to see it first hand. The playable alpha for […]

7 years ago

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  • New gameplay videos for Sir, You Are Being Hunted

    RPS has posted two gameplay videos of Big Robot’s Sir, You Are Being Hunted. The videos depict running, gunning and scavenging across the game’s procedurally generated islands. Check them out below.Big Robot is three-person indie dev team headed-up by veteran RPS writer, Jim Rossignol. The crowd-funded title is available for pre-order via the Humble store. […]

    7 years ago
  • AVSEQ releases with "2.2300745198530623×10^43 possible audio permutations"

    Start-up Big Robot’s released its first game, musical puzzler AVSEQ for PC and Mac. There’s a demo, too.

    8 years ago
  • Avseq out in a "couple of weeks," new video shows hardest stage

    RPS writer Jim Rossignol has posted a video of upcoming Big Robot puzzler Avseq, as you’ll see below. It shows the game’s hardest stage, according to Rossignol. He noted it’ll be released for PC and Mac “in the next couple of weeks, with demo.”

    8 years ago
  • Rossignol's "This Gaming Life" now available online for free

    Games journalist Jim Rossignol’s book, This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities, is now available online for free in lovely digital format.

    10 years ago
  • Games let you commit "violations of international law," says human rights groups

    In a recent report just released, via the BBC, two human rights organisations has accused videogames of letting you commit “violations of international law.The groups Trial and Pro Juventute carried out the study, and played games like Call of Duty 4, 24: The Game, Far Cry 2 and Metal Gear Solid, to name a few.The […]

    11 years ago
  • O'Donnell, Sanger et al on "The state of game audio"

    There’s a very interesting article over at RPS, where co-owner Jim Rossignol looks at the “State of Game Audio” by interviewing sound designers “Marty ‘Halo’ O’Donnell, CryTek’s Florian Füsslin, Introversion’s Chris Delay and the legendary George Sanger.”The piece looks in-depth at why videogame audio is so often overlooked, whilst arguing that it’s integral to gameplay:“Perhaps […]

    12 years ago
  • This Gaming Life goes on sale: buy it

    RPS’s Jim Rossignol’s book, This Gaming Life, is now on sale. This means you have to buy it. From here:This Gaming Life, published by The University of Michigan Press, is about gamers and their relationship to games. It’s a ripe barrel of essays on gaming, as filtered through the lens of my own international travels […]

    12 years ago
  • Jim Rossignol talks gaming travel book

    RPS co-owner Jim Rossignol done a good interview with Kotaku on his upcoming book, This Gaming Life, which we told you about at the end of April.“I hope it helps people to figure out what they really think about video games,” Rossignol told the site. “I don’t want to lecture anyone, just offer some descriptions […]

    12 years ago
  • Rossignol's This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities now available for pre-order

    Jim Rossignol’s first book, This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities, is now available for pre-order here. Synopsis:This book offers an insider’s view of online games and how they change us. “In May 2000 I was fired from my job as a reporter on a finance newsletter because of an obsession with a videogame. It […]

    12 years ago