Jeri Ellsworth

Former Valve inventor Jeri Ellsworth takes AR/VR glasses to Kickstarter

CastAR is the new augmented and virtual reality glasses tech from ex-Valve inventor Jeri Ellsworth and former colleague Rick Johnson. The device has now appeared on Kickstarter with both creators looking for funding to the tune of $400,000.

7 years ago

Jeri Ellsworth headlines

  • Ex-Valve employee exposes 'high school clique' management structure

    Valve’s famously flat management structure is being controlled by a group of hidden ‘high school cliques’, according to former head of the company’s hardware division Jeri Ellsworth. The hacker was let go from Valve in February as part of 25 redundancies at the company.

    8 years ago
  • CastAR brings a new angle to Computer Assisted Reality

    There was much gnashing of teeth from the gaming community when Valve recently let go of 25 employees. From those ashes, Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson have since moved on, and with Gabe’s blessing, retained ownership of their work and now continue their passionate dream of bringing Augmented Reality to the world.

    8 years ago
  • Valve 'fires' prototype engineer, 25 laid off, Holtman exits - report

    Valve has fired hardware engineer Jeri Ellsworth, according to a tweet on her personal feed. Also, further sources indicate a total of 25 employees have been laid off, and another report states Valve’s director of business, Jason Holtman has left, but neither of these two reports can be confirmed by Valve as of press time.

    8 years ago
  • Valve hardware division hoping to launch public beta next year

    Valve’s new hardware team may have something to show as soon as 2013.

    8 years ago