Jeffery Kaplan

Jeffery Kaplan leaving WoW for Blizzard’s new MMO

According to a post over on the World of Warcraft forums, lead designer Jeffery Kaplan will no longer be working on Blizzard’s behemoth, but will instead shift all his focus to the company’s “unannounced MMO”.Jeffery states that he will still be involved in the future progression of WoW, but that day-to-day work on the game […]

12 years ago

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  • Blizzard: WoW doesn’t guarantee huge success for next Blizzard MMO

    Blizzard may very well be the most powerful development house in the world right now, but wealth, fame, and shacking up with Activision definitely hasn’t gone to the developer’s collective head.When asked by Kotaku about WoW’s inevitable successor, game director Jeffery Kaplan responded humbly.“I believe it can be [as big as WoW],” he said. “… […]

    13 years ago