Jeff Smith

No new Bone game in the works, world shocked

Despite the fact Publishers Weekly listed a new Bone game for spring release last week, Jeff Smith, the comic’s creator, has instantly said the whole notion’s a load of old bollocks. “You know, I don’t know what the video game thing is all about,” he told VGTribune. “There is no new Bone video game in […]

11 years ago

Jeff Smith headlines

  • Rumor: New Bone game to be released in the spring

    In a Publishers Weekly list for the best selling comic books of March, a tidbit mentioned that a new Bone game’s coming this spring. Crown of Horns vol. 9 is the final volume of Jeff Smith’s acclaimed comic fantasy adventure saga. Originally self-published in black & white in 1991, Scholastic/Graphix began publishing the series in […]

    11 years ago