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BioWare: Mass Effect 2 is for PC and Xbox 360 only

It looks as though BioWare community manager Jay Watamaniuk has clarified his remark regarding a PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 over on the BioWare forums.“Hi folks. There is a report circulating today based on an appearance I made in Poland yesterday. Seems there was a misunderstanding about ME2 coming to PS3,” he wrote.“Let me […]

11 years ago

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  • Rumor: Mass effect 2 "may" be heading to PS3

    The rumors of Mass Effect 2 heading to PS3 received another shot in the arm, thanks to a comment made by BioWare’s Jay Watamaniuk during a presentation at Poznan Game Arena.While demoing ME2 at the event, Watamaniuk slipped up and said it was to hit three platforms: PC, Xbox 360, “and probably PS3.” According to […]

    11 years ago