Jasper 360s – How to spot them

Anandtech‘s posted up a guide on how to spot a Jasper 360, so you don’t, you know, buy a rubbish hot one that blows up.There’s loads of ways to do it, apparently. Look at the power supply, look at the barcode: look at all sorts of things. Just don’t go buying a Falcon will you? […]

12 years ago

Jasper headlines

  • Rumour: "Jasper" 360s shipping now

    Xbox-Scene’s posted up shots of what’s thought to be a retail Xbox 360 containing a Jasper chipset.The revision is supposed to use less power and generate less heat.There’s a pic there of a new power supply at 150W (25W less than those used with Falcon boards), and news that the console’s internal memory’s been bumped […]

    12 years ago
  • 360 Jasper chip to launch in August?

    According to this Xbitlabs story, Microsoft has instructed IBM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co that it’s to release Xbox 360’s based on the Jasper chipset in August.Jasper, in a nutshell, consumes less electricity, uses simpler cooling systems and produces less noise than the current Falcon chipset.This is down as rumour at the moment. More detail […]

    13 years ago