Jason Pace

Ensemble involved in Halo Wars’ future

Halo Wars lead producer Jason pace has to EG that a new company formed from the ashes of Ensemble will be taking care of aftercare for the console exclusive RTS.“Ensemble is, as I’m sure you know, forming a new company, and they will be helping us support the title moving forward, so: bug patches, any […]

12 years ago

Jason Pace headlines

  • MGS always looking for new genres to tell Halo stories in

    Jason Pace, lead producer on Halo wars and keeper of the Halo franchise, told Eurogamer that Microsoft Game Studios is looking to expand the “entertainment property” that is Halo in as many different directions as possible.“We tend to view the franchise side of Halo as an entertainment property, and something that we hope to expand […]

    12 years ago