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  • Japanese software charts, April 12-18: NSMBW tops again

    Media Create has published the Japanese software charts for April 12-18, and it looks like New Super Mario Bros. Wii is tops once more.

  • Japanese software charts, March 8-14: Pokemon Ranger tops

    Famitsu has published the Japanese software charts for March 8-14, and it looks like Pokemon Ranger: Path of Light is tops.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 on 360 cracks top 10 on Japanese software charts

    Left 4 Dead 2 – maybe you have heard of it – cracked the top 10 on the Japanese software charts this week, debuting at number six on Xbox 360. That’s an accomplishment right there, considering Japan is a tough market for the console. However, it looks like you can’t keep a good Pikachu or […]

  • Japanese software sales, WE Nov.1 - Bayonetta moves over 199K copies

    Media-Create’s released the latest software charts in Japan for October 26 – November 1. Looks like our soon-to-be-favorite witch is tops on the list, with Bayonetta selling 135,242 copies for PS3, and coming in at number seven for 360 with 64,325 copies sold. That’s a grand total of 199,567. Wow. Four Warriors of Light: Final […]

  • Japanese software sales - Pokemon, Japan chooses you!

    Media-Create’s released the latest software charts in Japan with, surprise surprise, Pokemon topping the billing. It sold over 165k units sold, with over 2 million units sold this year. Uncharted 2 entered the charts respectively enough, selling over 54k. Full list is after the jump. From Exaimner.

  • Japanese software sales, week ending Oct. 11 - Pokemon Gold/Silver tops

    Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver reclaimed its place at the top of the Japanese all formats chart for week ending October 11. Since the title hit shelves on September 12, it has 2.5 million sales under its belt. Wii Fit Plus, number one last week, dropped to number two with 152 000 sales, while Atlus’ Shin […]

  • Wii Fit Plus dominates Japanese software chart

    Wii Fit Plus has risen to the top of Japanese software chart by moving 340,000 copies, according to Media Create. Coming in at number two is Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha (football RPG) with 281,000 sales, Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver slipped to number three with 267,000 combined sales. Gran Turismo PSP was fourth with […]

  • Japanese hardware and software sales, week ending Sept. 21

    Japanese sales for PS3 have stabilized in despite a slight eight percent drop to 51,055 with the only console to outsell PS3 this week being DSi with sales of 66,073, compared to the DS Lite which came to 13,555. Wii sales were down to 16,698 compared to 17,568 last week, PSP sales spiked to 21,073 […]

  • Japanese software sales WE June 28 - Wii Sports Resort tops

    Wii Sports Resort debuted number one on the Japanese Software Charts for week ending June 28. Also new to the list were Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland which landed at number three, and BlazBlue taking positions five and six for PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively. The top ten is below, courtesy of Media Create, via […]

  • Japanese software sales, WE June 21 - Three debuts land in top 10

    Tomodachi Connection, Fate/Unlimited, and Mind Exercises all three debuted on the top ten in Japan for the week ending June 21. The top 30 best selling games for the week included 16 Nintendo DS, 7 Wii, 5 PSP and 2 PS3 titles. This was the first time that a PS2 title has not been in […]

  • Japanese software sales, week ending June 14 - Infinite Space usurps Kingdom Hearts 358/2

    Infinite Space, the RPG from Sega debuted in Japan this week, knocking Kingdom Hearts 358/2 from its comfy number one spot. Play On Wii: Chibi-Robo! was the other debut this week, and came in at number seven. The top ten sellers are listed below, courtesy of Gamasutra. Infinite Space – Sega (DS) (38,000) Kingdom Hearts: […]

  • Japanese software sales May 31 -June 6: Kingdom Hearts still tops

    Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days was number one again this week on the Japanese gaming charts. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth held its number two position, while debuts Arc Rise Fantasia and Evangelion: Jo landed at positions  four and six, respectively. Here’s the full thing courtesy of Gamaustra: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days – DS  (106,000) Ace […]

  • Japanese charts: Super Robot Taisen K wins out for DS

    Super Robot Taisen K’s top of the Japanese charts this week, with RE5 the only HD game in the top 30. Chart March 16-22 below, courtesy of Kotaku. Super Robot Taisen K (DS) – 117,000 Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2009 Live (PS2) – 50,000 Amagami (PS2) – 42,000 Mario & Luigi RPG3!!! (DS) – 3 […]

  • Japanese software sales, November 24-30

    Layton goes straight in at the top in Japan this week, soundly beating Konami’s latest Winning 11 into second place. Animal Crossing dipped heavily, there, after a strong debut last week. It’s worth noting that half of the top ten there is made up of PSP games. Thanks, Chart Get. 01. [NDS] Professor Layton and […]

  • Japanese software sales, September 22-28

    Not even Pokemon Platinum could hold off the might of Super Robot Wars Z, it seems. Looks as though poor old Wii Fit isn’t going to make its 3 million, either. Hard lines. Last week’s figures here. Thanks, LotusCharts. 01. [PS2] Super Robot Wars Z (Namco Bandai) 366,000 / NEW 02. [NDS] Pokemon Platinum (Nintendo) […]

  • Japanese software sales, September 15-21

    Go Pokemon. If that doesn’t go through 2 million before you can say “coloured balls” there’s something very wrong indeed. Last week’s data here. And check out LotusCharts for the rest of this week’s Japanese stats. Great graphs. 01. [NDS] Pokemon Platinum (Nintendo) 315,000 / 1,278,000 02. [NDS] Dragonball DS (Namco Bandai) 72,000 / NEW […]

  • Japanese software sales, September 8-14

    Two big success stories this week in Japan: Pokemon Platinum and Infinite Undiscovery. The power of Pokemon clearly hasn’t waned that much, with the latest in the series nearly hitting 1 million sales in two days, and Square 360 RPG flies in at number three with a respectable 90,000 debut. Microsoft’s probably quite pleased. Thanks, […]

  • Japanese software sales, September 1-7

    No change at the top, there, and it looks as though Afrika’s bumming out quick smart. Go Wi Fit, etc. Last week’s charts here. Thanks, NeoGAF. 1. [NDS] Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) – 55,000 / 668,000 2. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) – 32,000 / 2,609,000 3. [NDS] Blue Dragon Plus (AQ Interactive) – 21,000 / […]

  • Japanese software sales, August 25-31

    Afrika! God bless it. Also, is Wii Fit going to make 3 million? Last week’s charts here. Thanks, NeoGAF. 1. NDS Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) – 76,000 / 612,000 2. PS3 Afrika (SCEI) – 38,000 / NEW 3. PS2 J-League Winning Eleven 2008 Club Championship (Konami) – 38,000 / 117,000 4. PSP Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper […]

  • Japanese software sales, Aug 18 to 24

    Media Create’s put out software charts for the week ending August 24, and Winning Eleven 2008 for PS2 wins it. Last week’s data here. Thanks, NeoGAF. 1. [PS2] J-League Winning Eleven 2008 (Konami) (79,000) / NEW 2. [NDS] Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) (57,000) / (536,000) 3. [NDS] Inazuma Eleven (Level 5) (41,000) / NEW 4. […]

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