Mirror’s Edge DLC coming January 29

After receiving a vague “January” release period back in November, Mirror’s Edge’s psychedelic DLC pack has been branded with an official date: January 29. According to EA’s press release, the DLC will “challenge players to achieve the fastest times possible on nine races across seven all-new and totally redesigned Time Trial maps.”In our expert opinion, […]

12 years ago

January headlines

  • Wii and Cod4 top in US, shows NPD data

    Wii sold 274,000 units in America in January, according to NPD data released yesterday, making it the best selling US console for the money.PlayStation 3 came second, outselling Xbox 360. The Sony machine sold 269,000 units, compared to 230,000 for Microsoft’s console. Microsoft has blamed hardware shortages and heavy Christmas demand for the figures.“Our retailers […]

    13 years ago