Jamie Keen

Tropical trolling: crazy talk with Far Cry’s Keen

Far Cry 3’s lead game designer, Jamie Keen, talks to Stace Harman about the rational thinking behind the title’s bat-crap crazy events and characters.

8 years ago

Jamie Keen headlines

  • Eurogamer Expo: Far Cry 3 session, full video here

    A Far Cry 3 developer session hosted by Ubisoft Montreal’s Jamie Keen was held at Eurogamer Expo today. In his talk, Keen spoke about the challenges the team faced with development, how the team wanted the player to decide how the game was played, and went into detail on some of the gameplay. The main […]

    8 years ago
  • Far Cry 3's open-world to maintain "sense of exploration" with more purpose

    Far Cry 3 lead designer Jamie Keen has said the game will feature some improvements over Far Cry 2, starting with the addition of an open world which still maintains its sense of exploration, but one with a purpose.

    9 years ago
  • DICE "surprised" by "very strong reaction" to Battlefield: Bad Company cash for weapons scandal

    Speaking to videogaming247, DICE producer Jamie Keen has said that the EA developer was taken aback by the fierce reaction to plans to charge for weapons in Battlefield: Bad Company, but that listening to the community is paramount for those working on the franchise.“We were slightly surprised by the strength of the reaction,” he said.“Charged […]

    13 years ago