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Avatar gets rough review reception

Not looking so amazingly hot for James Cameron’s Avatar, with the game picking up some less than impressive review scores, as you can see here.It’s out on Friday. Round-up: Team Xbox – 7.1/10 Videogamer – 7/10 IGN – 6.8/10 IGN UK = 6/10 1UP – C+ Gamespot – 5.5/10 Eurogamer – 5/10

11 years ago

James Cameron's Avatar headlines

  • Avatar PC demo available now

    Ubi’s released a PC demo of Avatar through the German Coke Zero site. Obviously.It’ll cost you 1.6Gb to take a look at the Na’vi in action, and you may as well: the game itself isn’t out until December. And yep, the demo’s in English.Thanks, RPS.

    11 years ago
  • Avatar: The Game video shows the start of war

    Avatar: The Game has a new video, and it’s over on D’toid.Game’s out December 1 PS3 and Xbox 360.Movie’s out December 18.

    11 years ago
  • Avatar: The Game on PSP can communicate with PS3 version

    Avatar: The Game for PSP will be able to communicate with the PS3 version or the game, according to reports.Sounds like another Ubisoft title you may have heard about. Assassin’s Creed 2.Anyway, one of the features is the ability to transfer “Effort Points” from PSP game to PS3. According to the October issue of PlayStation:The […]

    11 years ago
  • Avatar: The Game debut trailer goes live

    Ubisoft’s put live the first gameplay trailer of James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game.It’s after the jump. If you want to download it, it should now be available from the PS Store as well.It does look kind of okay, but considering what we heard from GamesCom this week, don’t stick your hopes and dreams on it. […]

    11 years ago
  • Debut trailer from James Cameron's film, Avatar

    The first movie trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar movie has popped up over on CVG. It’s is what you would expect. Full of CGI special effects, half-naked blue being being shot out of the sky by the military, and the prerequisite love story.Guess there has to be something there to get the ladies to go […]

    11 years ago