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THQ wins WWE royalty dispute

After an inhumanly long period of butting heads with partner Jakks Pacific, THQ has finally prevailed, according to Gamasutra. The in-fight was waged over a contract dispute, which has now, obviously, been ironed out. An arbitrator gave the nod to THQ, saying that Jakks is now entitled to six percent of sales from WWE wrasslin’ […]

11 years ago

Jakks Pacific headlines

  • THQ files suit against WWE partner over contract renewal

    THQ has filed a lawsuit against Jakks Pacific, its World Wrestling Entertainment licensing partner, saying the company was not authorized to extend the WWE contract.Toy maker Jakks notified the WWE it planned to make good on what it felt was an option to renew the videogame license, which is the foundation for THQ games Smackdown […]

    12 years ago