Jake Song

ArcheAge Founder’s Packs now available for purchase

ArcheAge, the CryEngine 3-powered MMO from XLGAMES and Lineage creator Jake Song, has a new video available showing the goodies you can nab when purchasing the Founder’s Pack.

7 years ago

Jake Song headlines

  • ArcheAge: CryEngine 3 MMO heading west thanks to Trion - the developer speaks

    ArcheAge is the CryEngine 3-powered MMO from XLGAMES, devised by Lineage creator Jake Song. Publisher Trion Worlds has just announced that it’s bringing the RPG to Western territories and more – that’s North America, Europe, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand to be precise – and Pat’s even had a chat with Song to find out […]

    8 years ago
  • Civilization Online announced for the Asian market

    Civilization Online has been announced by Take-Two and is being developed in partnership with South Korean-based studio XLGAMES with CEO Jake Song leading the development.

    8 years ago
  • XLGames to make MMO for Asian market on 2K IP

    Take Two’s announced this afternoon that its signed a new deal with Asian company XLGames to create and publish an MMO based on one of 2K’s “top-selling franchise.”

    10 years ago