Guy suing WoW over “alienation”, subpoenas Winona Ryder and Depeche Mode

Lawsuit crazy Erik Estavillo’s at it again, but this time instead of suing Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, he’s suing Activision Blizzard over World of Warcraft and wants to subpoena Winona Ryder and Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore as witnesses. Filed in California, the civil complaint states that WoW uses “deceitful” business practices, as it “continues to […]

11 years ago

Jackass headlines

  • Spaceballs and Jackass: The Movie were an inspiration for No More Heroes

    Goichi Suda told attendees at the Nordic Game Conference that many different films and actors inspired Grasshopper Manufature’s No More Heroes – most notably Dirty Harry, Jackass: The Movie, and Spaceballs.During Suda’s presentation titled “The Birth of No More Heroes”, he showed films clips from  movies that prompted the ideas prevalent in the game.Some of […]

    12 years ago