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Jagex appoints Jon Hare as head of publishing

Jagex Games Studio announced today that Jon Hare has joined the company as Head of Publishing, with a particular focus on further developing FunOrb.com, Jagex’s gaming website targeted at time-pressed gamers. “Jon is one of the most highly rated game designers in Europe and has had a hugely successful career developing classic titles such as […]

Jack Thompson headlines

  • Utah governor vetoes Thompson's retail Bill

    Utah Governor Jon Huntsman has vetoed a Bill (HB 353) put forward by Jack Thompson which would have seen harsher fines to retailers that allowed under-age kids to buy adult rated games. Here’s why: After careful consideration and study, I have decided to veto HB 353, TRUTH IN ADVERTISING ACT AMENDMENTS, and have transmitted it […]

  • It’s over: Jack Thompson officially disbarred

    30 days and zero appeals later, Jack Thompson’s career in “law” is finally kaput. The Florida Bar’s website, after a quick search for the unsuccessful law-fighter, serves as official proof of the man’s disbarment. A large, bold, “Not Eligible to practice in Florida” is now the most noticeable aspect of his profile. Neat. Go check […]

  • Lowenstein: The press made Jack Thompson, covering him was a "cop out"

    Ex-ESA boss Doug Lowenstein’s written to Kotaku to claim that about-to-be-disbarred legal sensation Jack Thompson was partially a monster creation of the games media, accusing the specialist press of reporting on him despite the fact “he was a charlatan who wholly lacked credibility”. “The game press had a schizoid relationship with Thompson,” said Lowenstein. “He […]

  • Jack Thompson to be disbarred in 30 days

    Kotaku’s reporting that Jack Thompson has finally, genuinely been disbarred. Or at least he will be 30 days from now. A US court has approved a previous ruling made by Judge Dava Tunis that Thompson be permanently removed from the law professions, stating: The Court approves the corrected referee’s report and John Bruce Thompson is […]

  • Audio of Jack Thompson's Miami hearing posted

    Daily Business Review’s posted an audio file of Jack Thompson’s Miami hearing last week, during which a judge recommended he be disbarred for 10 years. It’s shit quality, but you can make out what’s going on. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world. If you can’t be bothered to listen to it, you can […]

  • Jack Thompson set to be disbarred for 10 years

    A Florida court yesterday recommended that anti-game super-lawyer Jack Thompson be banned from practicing law for the next decade. If upheld, the ruling will be Thompson won’t be able to perform any legal function whatsoever for ten years. Thompson stormed out of the hearing, claiming the judge involved had no right to hear his case. […]

  • Thompson stands up to help EA evict "Zelnick Trojan Horse"

    Jack Thompson has offered his help to EA in securing a take-over of Take-Two, and in the process getting rid of Strauss Zelnick, the publisher head he blames pretty much everything in the world on. “I am delighted to work with Electronic Arts to evict the Zelnick Trojan Horse from within Take-Two’s corporate walls,” he […]

  • Thompson threatens NIU with lawsuit

    Jack Thompson has written to North Illinois University threatening a lawsuit if the institution doesn’t hand over any documents related to killer Steven Kazmierczak’s experience with videogames. “Pursuant to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request production of copies of all documents that reveal Steven Kazmierczak’s play of violent video games, including but […]

  • Thompson writes to NIU president on "mass murder simulation game, Counter-Strike"

    Anti-games campaigner Jack Thompson has written to the president of North Illinois University – site of this week’s shootings by former student Stephen Kazmierczak to again link the crime to “mass murder simulation game, Counter-Strike”. Following the shooting, Thompson appeared on Fox News to immediately associate the killings with gaming. Yesterday, the New York Post […]

  • Thomspon connects US shooting to games - video

    This is pretty shocking. As you can see from the video below, US attorney Jack Thompson made more than a passing reference to games on Fox News yesterday in relation to the llinois University shooting this week. The first thing Thompson said in the report, in response to a question about what can be drawn […]

  • Thompson blames Illinois shooting on games

    According to this, anti-games campaigner Jack Thompson appeared on Fox News this morning to blame yesterday’s Illinois University shooting on games such as Counter-Strike. As far as we’re aware, no evidence has linked anything that happened during the shooting with gaming in any way. Stephen Kazmierczak opened fire on a class at the university yesterday, […]