GTA IV DLC – second episode confirmed for fiscal 2009

Take-Two just confirmed that the second episode of its 360-exclusive DLC for GTA IV will release this fiscal year.That means it’ll hit before the end of October 2009.The news came as part of Take-Two’s financials for the quarter ending January 31.There was no other detail.

12 years ago

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  • GTAIV gets near perfect score from Famitsu, beats LittleBigPlanet

    Japanese games magazine Famitsu has given Grand Theft Auto IV a score of 10,10,9,10 which means that three out four reviewers thought it damn near perfect. This rather surprisingly outscored Sony’s LittleBigPlanet, which recieved a more than formidable 10,10,9,9.Full scores below. Thanks NeoGaf and Blerk. Cid & Chocobo - 8,8,8,8 Vitamin Y - 6,6,6,7 Precure 5 - 7,6,6,5 […]

    12 years ago