It Only Does Everything

New PS3 commercial talks Blu-ray, Hoop and Stick

Sony’s putting out a new “it only does everything” PS3 commercial, just in time for Thanksgiving next week, toting the benefits of having Blu-ray,The commercial also takes us back to the wonderful times we had as a kid in the old country, playing Hoop and Stick.Good times.Watch below the break.

11 years ago

It Only Does Everything headlines

  • Sony unveils its "It Only Does Everything" campaign for PS3

    Peter Dille, senior president of marketing and PSN, has posted Sony’s new ad campaign for PS3 over on the US PS Blog.Called, “It Only Does Everything”, the new ads are a new campaign in which Sony “will have direct conversations with consumers about everything the PS3 can do”. From now through the holiday season, you’ll […]

    12 years ago