Candy Crush Saga maker’s IPO one of the worst in recent history

Candy Crush Saga publisher King made its initial public offering overnight, but saw massive day one losses.

IPO headlines

  • Candy Crush Saga developer delays IPO due to breakout success

    King has elected to delay its initial public offering over concerns that the success of its flagship product, Candy Crush Saga, will have negative effetcs on its share worth.

  • CCP revenue in 2011 hit $66 million, firm considering IPO

    CCP Games earned $66 million in revenue last year, the firm has said, and as a result – compounded with its plans for Dust 514 – the firm is considering an initial public offering.

  • Zynga stock continues to drop

    Business Insider reports investors are proving leery of Zynga stock, following the social publisher’s initial public offering last Friday. On the morning of its second day of trading, the stock had dropped 4% from its IPO price to $9.10, and closed at $9.05, almost 10% down. Bloomberg‘s Paul Kedrosky cited both poor market conditions and […]

  • Zynga stock surges, plunges, surges, regulates in turbulent first day

    The trepidation of stock analysts about Zynga’s future (many had said it wasn’t worth the asking price) was proven wrong early this morning as Zynga’s first day on the market started well, climbing 10% to $11 per share. Then it was proven right as the stock tumbled, then it surged again. So where do they […]

  • Report - Zynga to commence IPO before Thanksgiving

    Zynga will go ahead with its IPO and begin trading shares before Thanksgiving, according to Reuters. The report claims, via two anonymous sources, the company will take part in the typical two-week roadshow of presenting its offering to investors before the holiday on November 24. Zynga originally announced a $1 billion IPO back in July.

  • Zynga aims for $1 billion in IPO

    One day your entire life will be part of some elaborate Zynga-fueled social game. The casual game developer announced today it was seeking a hefty $1 billion in its initial public offering.

  • Zynga to file for IPO Thursday

    A source familiar with Zynga’s operation told the Reuters news service that Zynga will be filing for an initial public offering on Thusday.