Initial D Extreme Stage

New Initial D screenshots look ropey

IGN has them, and very jaggy and uninspiring they look too. Still graphics aren’t everything, right kids?See for yourselves through the link or go watch the gameplay trailer.Still no idea if we’ll see this in Europe.By Mike Bowden

13 years ago

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  • First PS3 Initial D footage drifts into view

    Sega’s released the first footage of Initial D Extreme Stage for PS3. Looks pretty much like the arcade game, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The racer’s a good laugh if you’re drunk or obsessed with Japanese street racing. Or both.No release date. No idea if it’s coming west. After the break. Thanks, Destructoid.

    13 years ago
  • Initial D confirmed for PS3

    According to this, a home version of Sega’s arcade game Initial D Arcade Stage 4 is heading to PS3 in the form of Initial D Extreme Stage.Apparently the street racer’s story mode will be extended for the home version, to feature 20 characters. We know someone that played the arcade version so much he damaged […]

    13 years ago

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