Infinite Line

Sega launches Infinite Line site

Here. The Platinum DS RPG is going to be large, apparently. From the site:“The Vastness of Space” Once you’ve gotten your hands on Infinite Line (Working Title), you will understand from experience the true meaning of that phrase. Those you meet with, and part from, during your adventure will have a lasting impact on your […]

13 years ago

Infinite Line headlines

  • First direct-feed Bayonetta, Infinite Line and MadWorld images

    Sega just dropped over the first shots of Bayonetta, Infinite Line and MadWorld, the three Platinum Games titles the publisher confirmed signing today.After the break.

    13 years ago
  • Sega press releases Platinum partnership

    After the embargo-smashing hilarity earlier this week, Sega’s announced its deal to publish Platinum Games’ Infinite Line, Madworld and Bayonetta.A fourth, as yet unnamed game is also included in the deal.“The creative forces at PlatinumGames bring a new level of imagination into the SEGA family at a pivotal time in the video game industry when […]

    13 years ago
  • Sega signs Platinum trio

    Update: Properly not our fault.Sega’s signed three games from Platinum Games, the studio formed from ex-Clover staffers – including Resident Evil legend Shinji Mikami – after the Capcom closed the outfit. The deal was announced at a press conference in London on Monday.The three titles are: Bayonetta, directed by DMC creator Hideki Kamiya, and is […]

    13 years ago