Infinite Interactive

Puzzle Quest developer is once again independent

Infinite Interactive has announced its once again an independent developer, and there may be more Puzzle Quest titles from the firm on the horizon.

9 years ago

Infinite Interactive headlines

  • Firemint acquires Puzzle Quest dev

    Firemint has announced it’s acquired Infinite Interactive, which it says will help strengthen both the development and publishing arms of the studio.

    10 years ago
  • Puzzle Quest 2 dated for June 22 in US

    D3 Publisher’s announced that Puzzle Quest 2 will release on DS on June 22 in the US.

    11 years ago
  • XBLA Puzzle Quest: Galactrix still not confirmed for February 24

    Puzzle Quest: Galactrix still does not have a solid release date for XBLA.Speaking with VG247, a D3 rep told us that while the game is scheduled for release on DS and PC February 24, a date still has not been set for the XBL version.“Puzzle Quest: Galactrix for DS and PC are confirmed to ship […]

    12 years ago