Dragon’s Prophet screens show off the floating continent of Laedis

Screenshots of upcoming fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet have been released, showing off the Laedis continent of floating islands. According to lore, before the invention of airships, the place was so isolated that only the Osira inhabitants dwelled there, as the Eternal Dragon placed the inhabitants there during the First Dragon War. During the Second Dragon […]

8 years ago

Infernum headlines

  • Zynga's 'abnormal' valuation caused unrealistic F2P expectations, says Infernum founder

    Zynga was evaluated rather highly at the start of 2012, painting a picture of free-to-play browser and mobile developers as unstoppable money-making forces. The reality is far from that image, Infernum founder Andreas Weidenhaupt has argued in a new interview. Weidenhaupt has cautioned that such lofty expectations place immeasurable pressure on F2P developers, and has […]

    8 years ago
  • CDP, 11-bit Studios, Paradox announce gamescom line-up

    You know it’s getting close to go time when a multitude of gamescom notices start popping up in your inbox.

    9 years ago
  • New F2P company founded by former Frogstar CEO

    A new publishing company as joined the ever-burgeoning ranks of the free-2-play market. Infernum, has been founded in Berlin by former Frogstar CEO, Andreas Weidenhaupt who said of the company’s goals “The market for high-quality MMO games that are free to play is growing dynamically and we intend to become a major player in the […]

    9 years ago