NVIDIA is organizing India’s first Overwatch eSports tournament

India’s small but growing eSports community will host its first official Overwatch tournament this month.

4 years ago

India headlines

  • PS4 releasing Jan 6 in India for 39,990 INR

    The PlayStation 4 will be releasing on January 6 in India and will cost Rs. 39,990, Sony PlayStation India revealed during a press event held in New Delhi yesterday.

    7 years ago
  • Sony: PS4 to get 2013 release in India

    The PlayStation 4 will be releasing in India this year, Sony has confirmed.

    8 years ago
  • GT5 grants India its first ever midnight game launch

    The Indian release of the next-gen iteration of Sony’s biggest game franchise is to be marked by the country’s first ever midnight launch.

    10 years ago
  • Lost Odyssey hits India?

    It’s all happening in India. Not only is Mumbai gaming expo SKOAR! looking like it may be on the roadshow “map” next year, PS3 Euro chief David Reeves can’t stop going on about how great the country is and Square Enix is looking for acquires in the country, but, even better than all of that, […]

    13 years ago