Imperial Agent

The Imperial Agent from SWTOR gets the hands-on treatment

RPS was given the opportunity to play Star Wars: The Old Republic for a couple of days, and the site has now posted commentary regarding its hands-on time with the MMO.

10 years ago

Imperial Agent headlines

  • BioWare releases more details on Imperial Agent for SWTOR

    Making good on its promise last week, BioWare has released extra details on the Imperial Agent class for Star Wars: The Old Republic.It looks like the character is about as close to a rogue as we’re gonna get in the game, which is rather cool to be honest.The pics are the same as the one’s […]

    11 years ago
  • New class announced for SWTOR - the Imperial Agent

    BioWare has revealed another playable class for The Old Republic, and it is none other than the Imperial Agent.Ah yes, the Empire’s assassin. They work behind the scenes doing the dirty work of the Empire with high-tech gear, and using “subversion and subterfuge” to infiltrate and ultimately look upon their mark lying dead upon the […]

    11 years ago