Igor Cipolletta

ShopTo says PSPgo is “almost dead before it arrives”, Pachter disagrees

ShopTo boss Igor Cipolletta has told Eurogamer that while his business has no plans to boycott PSPgo like other European retailers, he feels that the handheld is “almost dead before it has arrived”.“We do have it listed on the site, but we are not concentrating any big marketing behind it,” he said. “Sony has decided […]

11 years ago

Igor Cipolletta headlines

  • ShopTo worried publishers are following Modern Warfare 2 price trend

    ShopTo bossman Igor Cipolletta has relayed that he is worried over the newest “trend” of pricey franchise games. Speaking with Eurogamer, Cipolletta fears that publishers are following Activision’s lead in this respect, thanks to the announced price increase for Modern Warfare 2.“Whether planned, or a case of jumping on the popular franchises bandwagon, we have […]

    12 years ago
  • Brit retailers: Wii price hike leaves no margin, will affect sales

    As expected, UK retailers have reacted badly to news that Nintendo’s to raise the trade price of Wii in the UK, with one saying the proposed rise will leave no margin on the hardware at all.“It’s very bad,” ShopTo.net’s Igor Cipolletta told GI, admitting: “If it’s true that they want to increase it by [at […]

    12 years ago