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  • Rumour: DS gaining tilt, losing GBA cartridge

    IGN’s Matt Casamassina – of Halo DS fame – is serving up a tantalizing trio of Nintendo DS rumors, two of which contradict each another. First up, Casamassina’s “sources” notified him that Activision might be planning an Nintendo DS accelerometer attachment. The topsy-turvy peripheral would – taking a cue from Activision’s own Guitar Hero: On […]

  • IGN details live E3 coverage

    Everything’s here. Anyone will be able to watch the site’s live streams from the show, but Insiders will be able to do the full video thing. We’re going to do a round-up of all the places you’re going to be able to watch the conferences over the weekend. Don’t forget any of the timings: you […]

  • Analyst: E3 now “virtually useless”

    Yes, that E3. In an article at TheStreet, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter gave E3 in its current form a thrashing – essentially calling it a shadow of the hype-Mecca it once was. “The conference used to offer retail, media and investors an early look at games and an opportunity to speak with company managements,” […]

  • IGN launches Xbox Live channel

    IGN’s launched a channel solely dedicated to Xbox Live, apparently covering all aspects of “the Xbox LIVE online games and entertainment service, the largest social network connected to the TV.” “By launching our latest channel, IGN is able to reach Xbox LIVE’s more than 12 million members worldwide to provide them with the latest content […]

  • IGN gives you countdown widgets to E3 press conferences

    Don’t say IGN never does anything for you. The site’s posted stealable widgets that count down to all three E3 press conferences, as well as one that leads up to the opening of the show itself. Put them on web pages or desktops, as you please. There’s also confirmation there that IGN will be broadcasting […]

  • Jessica Chobot poses for VG247!

    For the fans. We bumped into IGN’s Jessica Chobot on the stairs of the Diablo III reveal in Paris this weekend, and she very kindly agreed to have her picture taken, just for you. We’ve put the full res version – all 4368×2912 of it – after the break. Wallpaper has a new home.

  • IGN makes content page update

    As you can see here, IGN’s had a bit of a redesign. The new stuff looks to be mainly functional updates to aid the display of data and content. From the site: The new game information pages have been redesigned to highlight the latest content posted, as well as to more prominently feature videos and […]

  • IGN US refuses to review MGS4 until it can play MGO

    In a letter on the site, IGN US has said that it won’t be reviewing Metal Gear Solid 4 until it can properly play Metal Gear Online. In a hilarious dig at sites that have already posted reviews of the game – including IGN AU and IGN UK – IGN games ed boss Jeremy Dunham […]

  • Ubidays 2008 wrap-up video posted

    God bless you and your cameras, IGN. The site’s posted a Ubidays wrap-up video from Paris earlier this month, hosted by brunette games kitten Jessica Chobot. It’s Friday, so watch it. It’s got video of l’Arc de Triomphe and the funny tourist boats on the Seine. And some stuff about Far Cry 2 as well. […]

  • MGS4 is for the fans, says Kojima

    Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima’s given a gold-dust interview to IGN (watch it after the link), saying that Metal Gear Solid 4 has been made for those that have followed the series for the past decade, and admitting his relief that the game is about to launch. “It’s been ten years since Metal Gear […]

  • Kid Icarus is coming to Wii says Matt IGN (again)

    IGN’s Matt Casamassina has said yet again that a new Kid Icarus game is going to be shown at E3 this year. “Of course [Nintendo is] going to have some E3 surprises,” said the longstanding editor in a podcast. “You know, Kid Icarus, for crying out loud, how many times do we have to say […]

  • IGN clarifies how it got the exclusive GTA IV review

    Speaking to GameDaily, IGN Xbox 360 editor Hilary Goldstein has given a frank interview about how he secured the exclusive on GTA IV and his reaction to a Variety article that came out and called the piece unethical. There’s a lot of stuff over there, so it’s best the read the whole thing. Essentially, the […]

  • IGN pulls GTA hooker video saying, "We crossed a line"

    According to this MTV report, IGN has now pulled its “Ladies of Liberty City” video after various parties leapt on it as justification for hating the game, a spokesperson saying by way of justification: “IGN’s goal is to show our users all aspects of popular games on the market. In this case, we crossed a […]

  • Okami Wii strategy guide has case of the IGNs in the US

    If wincing has a sound, that’s what we’re hearing. According to this Kotaku piece, the cover art of the Brady Okami Wii strategy guide in the US has the same IGN watermark that appeared on the box. We’re still saying nothing.

  • IGN gives GTA IV a 10

    The first online review of GTA IV’s gone live, and IGN’s given the game a perfect score. As ever, the piece is 16 years long, but you can see the verdict here. The last bit: I could go on and on about why Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games we’ve ever […]

  • Capcom promises new Okami art after IGN gaffe

    After it was shown that the retail version of Okami Wii carried an IGN watermark on its cover art in the US, Capcom has promised to make amends by offering a choice of new artwork for those afflicted by the IGN blight. From Capcom US’ blog: As fans know, the real art of Okami is […]

  • IGN goes to Polyphony Digital, makes video

    You have to see this. As far as we’re aware, no one else has ever made a video of the internal workings of Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital with as much access. Marvel at the hotel, laundry facilities, the Nike shoes of a dead driver and the “highest performing server in Tokyo”. After the link.

  • Okami Wii boxart carries IGN watermark in the US

    Oh dear. According to this Kotaku report, there’s an IGN watermark on the Okami Wii boxart in America. It’s plain as day and looks to have been verified. We’re saying nothing.

  • IGN pulls second EA story this week

    According to Joystiq, IGN’s pulled its second EA-related story this week, this time a piece saying Skate was on its way to Wii and DS. The US site also removed a story on Wednesday related to the Pandemic Batman game no one’s supposed to know about. You can’t beat the internet, EA. Not even sure […]

  • IGN posts megaton Dan Houser interview, wins GTA World Word War record by distance

    Here. This is fucking epic, frankly. There are more words in this Dan Houser interview related to Grand Theft Auto than you could possibly ever need. A quick cut and paste into Word reckons this article’s over 9,000 words long. Unbelievably, this is part one, with the second piece being published next week. Author Hilary […]

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