Hydra-exclusive Portal 2 gameplay filmed at CES, controller to get “level pack”

Following news that the Razer Hydra PC motion controller is to be bundled with Portal 2 with exclusive content, Venturebeat has filmed a level “designed to show new control and new puzzle elements that are only possible” with the controller on the CES showfloor.

10 years ago

Hydra headlines

  • Super-rumour - "PSP2" to have quad-core GPU

    Eurogamer.es is rumouring that PowerVR technology from Imagination Technologies will form the basis of the still-in-development PSP2.The site’s sources claim that a quad-core iteration of the low-power SGX543MP chip, codenamed “Hydra”, will be present in the next generation handheld. This is the next next one. Not PSP Go.Get more from Digital Foundry.

    12 years ago
  • Blizzard's "Hydra" is Diablo III

    According to this WOWInsider report, the Blizzard game “Hydra” isn’t a separate game at all: it’s Diablo III.Artist Peter Lee added a Hydra section to his website before the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational this weekend, prompting speculation of a new game.Apparently, though, the word “Hydra” relates to one of the Diablo III screenshots. And that’s the […]

    13 years ago
  • Blizzard artist in Hydra rumour shocker

    There has been some online speculation as to whether Blizzard Entertainment will be working on a new game to the title of Hydra.Peter Lee, one of Blizzard’s environment and scenery artists, has added a new “Hydra” section to his personal site. The folder is currently empty, and his website says it is undergoing construction. Interestingly, […]

    13 years ago