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Eldevin: free MMO passes Steam Greenlight voting, new expansion in the works

Eldevin is the free MMORPG out of Scotland that’s just been certified on Steam Greenlight. It’s coming to Valve’s marketplace later this year.

6 years ago

Hunted Cow Studios headlines

  • Eldevin: new F2P MMORPG receives first gameplay trailer

    Eldevin is the incoming F2P MMORPG from Scottish developer Hunted Cow Studios. it’s entering open beta in March, and the studio has just revealed its first gameplay trailer. You can check out the Diablo-esque action below the jump.

    8 years ago
  • Civil War: 1863 launches for iOS, proves that Scotland does make games

    Civil War: 1863 has launched on iOS from Scottish developer Hunted Cow, pouring more water on a blatantly incorrect Government report that suggested the Scottish games industry only employs 200 people. Either way, the game looks ideal for strategy fans, check it out below.

    8 years ago