Humble Indie Bundle 11

Humble Indie Bundle 11 adds FEZ, Starseed Pilgrim and Beatbuddy

Humble Indie Bundle 11 has had new games added to it: FEZ, Starseed Pilgrim and Beatbuddy. These titles are in addition to Guacamele, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Gianna Sisters, The Swapper, Antichamber and Monaco. To unlock all of these titles, you just need to beat the $4.59 average. Hit up the link for more details.

7 years ago

Humble Indie Bundle 11 headlines

  • Humble Indie Bundle 11 offers Monaco, Antichamber, The Swapper

    The 11th Humble Indie Bundle is now live, and it’s got a handful of enviable indie titles that are all playable on PC, Mac and linux. They are: Guacamele, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Gianna Sisters, and The Swapper for any price, and Antichamber and Monaco for beating the average, which sits at under $4 right […]

    7 years ago