Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

Less than 24 hours to grab Humble Indie Bundle

Get your skates on if you want to partake of the latest Humble Indie Bundle. Everyone else has; the Frozen Synapse vehicle has already drawn $1 million in sales.

9 years ago

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle headlines

  • Saturday Shorts: Dragon Quest, Sims 3, Trauma, Home, ICO, sales

    Hooray. It’s Saturday. Time to kiss and make up with the previous days of the week and go on about your business.

    9 years ago
  • The Humble Bundle is back with Frozen Synapse

    The Humble Bundle is back with the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, and once again you can pay what you want. It comes with the turn-based strategy title Frozen Synapse, and is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It also includes the soundtrack with your purchase. Those who pay above the average price will also receive […]

    9 years ago