Hot Coffee

GTA Hot Coffee scandal: modder retells his discovery of Rockstar’s minigame

GTA: San Andreas is notorious for many things for good or ill, but none so publicly scrutinised as its infamous ‘Hot Coffee’ mini-game. The feature was chopped from the game’s full release, but an intrepid modder – along with his friends – stumbled across traces of it within the game’s PS2 source code, and eventually […]

8 years ago

Hot Coffee headlines

  • Take Two issuing settlements over Hot Coffee

    Take Two’s now voluntarily issuing cheques to anyone offended by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’s infamous Hot Coffee scenes.

    11 years ago
  • Take-Two reaches $20 million Hot Coffee settlement

    Take-Two’s reached a $20 million settlement in the Hot Coffee case, the company said today.$15,200,000 will be paid by the company’s insurancers, and $4,915,000 will be paid by Take-Two itself.Win for the prudes. PR after the break.

    11 years ago
  • Court refuses to certify Hot Coffee suit

    According to this Kotaku story, a US court has refused to certify the proposed settlement class of the Hot Coffee lawsuit as too few people were offended by the matter for it to… matter.This means that Rockstar may not have to settle the case at all.As you’ll recall, it was announced in June that a […]

    12 years ago
  • 2,676 people claim on Hot Coffee "scandal"

    According to this New York Times piece, a total of 2,676 people have claimed their $35 from Rockstar after being traumatized by the Hot Coffee scenes in San Andreas.“Am I disappointed? Sure,” said Seth R. Lesser, lead lawyer for the plaintiffs. “We can’t guess as to why now, several years later, people care or don’t […]

    13 years ago