Pokemon X & Y sword-type Honedge forged for real by swordsmith

Pokemon X & Y features a sword creature called Honedge. The possessed blade has been forged for real by the swordsmiths at Man at Arms, who seem to be doing a ton of game-related weapons recently.

7 years ago

Honedge headlines

  • Pokemon X & Y: Doublade announced as evolution of Honedge

    Another creature for Pokemon X and Y has been revealed, and it’s the evolution of Honedge. Called Doublade, it’s a Steel/Ghost-type Pokemon can telepathically coordinate its two blades to deliver a double slicing whammy. In case you were wondering, this is the new evolution which was teased yesterday. Pokemon X & Y launches worldwide on […]

    7 years ago
  • Pokemon X & Y: new creature Honedge gets screens, footage

    Pokemon X & Y developer Game Freak announced a new ghost / steel type Pokemon at Japan Expo yesterday called Monorpale. The creature has now been revealed officially as ‘Honedge’ and we’ve got screens and footage of it in action.

    8 years ago