Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3 currently in pre-production, here’s a teaser trailer

Homeworld 3 is in the works, Gearbox announced at PAX West today.

1 year ago

Homeworld 3 headlines

  • Indie dev starts crowd-funding campaign to buy Homeworld IP from THQ

    Homeworld developer Relic Entertainment was bought by Sega as part of THQ’s auction last night. While the studio may have been snapped up by Sega, the Homeworld IP still rests with THQ, that’s the claim of indie team teamPixel, LLC. The company has set up a ‘Save Homeworld’ campaign to fund acquisition of the IP […]

    8 years ago
  • Relic "definitely looking" at Homeworld 3

    Relic’s dropped a heavy hint to Eurogamer that Homeworld 3’s a distinct possibility.“We’re really happy the IP has made its way home, and yeah, we’re definitely looking at it. We’ll see what happens in the future,” Dawn of War II lead designer Jonny Ebbert said.Asked whether it was one of the studio’s current projects, Ebbert […]

    12 years ago