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  • Resident Evil 5 gets a Home update, more soon

    The Resident Evil 5 Minna de Spelunker lounge hit Home today. The lounge allows players to launch multiplayer inside Sony’s social service. In addition, an RE5 Photo Studio mini-game, along with Chris and Sheeva costumes, will be made available on March 26 outside the mall space via Adam’s Shop. More info through the link.

  • Home gets Warhawk Command Center this week

    Warhawk fans will get to move around and plan strategies in the Warhawk Command Center in Home this week. Sony confirmed the addition at Destination PlayStation this morning. Update should go through on Thursday.

  • Home to get connection patch on Thursday

    The Dog’s posted on the EU PS boards to confirm that Home will be patched on Thursday in an effort to get rid of the now infamous C-931 connection errors. The app’s been plagued by the problem since it launched. The SCEE mod described the update as the “first step” in eradicating the issue.

  • Home beta invites sent out to Qore subs, v1.0 released onto test servers

    Here we go. PS3-Sense brings word that Home beta invites have been sent out to Qore subscribers. The piece also says that, as expected, version 1.0 of the app’s client has been put live on the beta servers. As reported earlier this week, Sony will now bring large amounts of people into the beta in […]

  • Home "will continue to develop and change over time," says Sony boss

    Speaking yesterday at the Gamer 3.0 conference in London, Jamie MacDonald, vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, said PlayStation Home will “continue to evolve, change and develop over time”, which is a policy the company was employing with all future titles. “The thing that I should stress about Home, unlike a typical boxed […]

  • Far Cry 2 gets Home space

    According to PSBlog, the Far Cry 2 PlayStation Home space has launched on the closed beta. “The space will invite players to dig deeper into the game’s vast African landscape,” says the piece. “Users will have the opportunity to investigate in-game environments, including a bombed-out train station that has been converted into the ad hoc […]

  • Rumour: "£40 million spent on Home so far," says man on train

    We’ve just overheard some chaps talking about Home on the train to Leipzig from Berlin. This is what was said: £40 million has been spent on Home so far. Home’s been in development for five years. Home was originally a PlayStation 2 initiative. Home’s likely to make a decent appearance in Sony’s press conference at […]

  • 17 videos posted from the Home beta

    TheHDRoom’s carrying 17 off-screen movies from the now ongoing Home beta, showing fiddling with furniture on PSP, walking about, the cinema, walking about, clothing options, walking about, and more. No date for release as yet, but “very soon” is a safe bet.

  • Uncharted and Warhawk Home spaces shots

    On Joystiq. They’re camera stills taken during an E3 presentation of Home, but they’re easily good enough. Take a look.

  • Shuhei Yoshida on Home: We hope it'll be ready for Christmas

    The “new Phil Harrison,” Sony WWS boss Shuhei Yoshida, has said in this ThreeSpeech interview that Home’s current autumn launch is looking “positive”. “We certainly hope so,” he said when asked if the PS3 online freebie will be ready in time for Christmas. “Every indication is positive.” He added: “With the timing of the launch, […]

  • Home beta launch will be "fully robust," says SCEA

    PSN boss Eric Lempel has told Next-Gen that this autumn’s promised Home launch will be the real article – it just won’t be the finished product. “The reason we’ve been delaying [Home] is so that we can deliver a high quality service that the users will enjoy,” he said. “Even though it will be in […]

  • Home: dress

    Sony Japan has published a teaser site called ‘dress’. After lots of internet investigating we found this: “Dress will take advantage of a unique avatar system that operates separately from the regular Home interface. Sony will be working with real-world fashion brands to provide your virtual avatar access to the latest fashions in Dress Town, […]

  • SCEE PlayStation Day: Home hands-on

    Gamespot’s posted a hands-on with Home from the SCEE PlayStation Day yesterday. From the piece: As long as you have a game installed on the hard drive or in the disc tray, you can jump straight into an online lobby from within Home. This means that you skip any of the game’s introductions, and in […]

  • Home’s "Holy Grail" is user-generated content

    Speaking here, leading Home developers have underlined just how important user-generated content will be to the PS3 online service. “From day one we’re going to give [users] basic customisation, analogous with other games,” lead artist John Venables said. “But we will hopefully be increasing the tools that we give to users over time, to give […]

  • Home to be presented on March 14

    According to this, Home is going to be demoed at the Online Game & Community Service Conference 2008 on March 14. We have no idea what that is or whether this is significant in any way, but it’s late and there isn’t any other news.

  • First shots of improved Home

    Right here. As reported yesterday, PlayStation home has been changed significantly from its showings at GDC and E3 last year. The online, virtual space system for PS3 was seen yesterday in its new form at Imagina 08 in France. Home is now slated for a “spring” release, and you should expect a full showing at […]

  • Home to reappear at GDC

    GDC’s site has details of a seminar and demo of PlayStation Home, the virtual PS3 “space” thingy Phil Harrison debuted and the Californian show last year and was susequently delayed past an original autumn 2007 release date. It does all the things Xbox Live does but looks like an MMO, basically, although we doubt Sony […]

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