Hisashi Koinuma

Hyrule, Dynasty, Samurai and Dragon Quest: the Warriors are coming west

Omega Force seems to be responsible for about 40% of the games coming out of Japan at the moment. We chat with the mega-developer about its growing visibility in the west.

Hisashi Koinuma headlines

  • Samurai Warriors 4 may get a western release this summer

    Samurai Warriors 4 looks likely to release in English later this year.

  • Dynasty Warriors creator envisions the series' "more realistic" future on next-gen

    Hisashi Koinuma, Tecmo Koei’s executive vice president and go-to-guy for Dynasty Warriors raised the possibility of an open-world or RPG based Warriors game on the new consoles, with a “focus” on making the game “more realistic”, using more varied terrain and strategy. As well as the most realistic feature of all: “a lot more destroyable […]

  • For Gust it's business as usual at Koei Temo, says Hisashi Koinuma

    Hisashi Koinuma, former Omega Force producer and now EVP of Tecmo Koei, has said since Gust became subsidiary of the company, it will just continue to do what it’s always been doing: this means more Atelier in the future in case you were worried.

  • Samurai Warriors 4 to release in time for 10th Anniversary in February 2014

    Tecmo Koei’s Hisashi Koinuma has announced on Twitter Samurai Warriors 4 will release in February 2014. The release will coincide with 10-year anniversary of the Samurai Warriors franchise, as the first title in the series was released in February 2004. To placate yourselves while you wait two more years, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 2nd will release […]

  • Tecmo Koei appoints North Star producer as software head

    Tecmo Koei’s announced its appointed Fist of the North Star producer Hisashi Koinuma as its new head of software at the company. Before his new role, Koinuma was head of TK’s second software division, but will now head up his new role in Kyoto. He’ll take over from Tecmo Koei CEO Yoichi Erikawa, who was […]