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Sony: PS3 moves 1 million units in three weeks

Sony has sent word that it has moved 1 million PS3’s worldwide in the past three weeks since the launch of its slimmer, less expensive models. And with Sony announcing that the whole of Europe will have video service support by the end of 2010, that will probably help sales as well – we peeked […]

Hirai Keynote Tgs 09 headlines

  • TGS 09: Sony to launch video service across Europe by end of 2010

    Sony plans to make good on its promise to bring a video service to European PS3 users, and according to Kaz Hirai’s keynote at TGS, it will take place next year. “We introduced a new video distribution service in the US, 300 movie titles at launch and 1200 episodes of TV drama,” Hirai told attendees. […]

  • TGS 09: Kaz whips out Sony motion controller at keynote

    Sony bossman Kaz Hirai has shown attendees at his TGS keynote the new motion controller demoed at E3. He didn’t demo it, but spoke a bit about it instead, showing a wand with changing colors of yellow, blue, and purple. “The controller has image recognition and depth perception and it’s accurate and can trace user’s […]

  • TGS - PSP hits 52.9 million sales

    PSP has now sold 52.9 million units of hardware, Sony boss Kaz Hirai confirmed in his TGS keynote this morning. Hit this for the rest of the news from Hirai’s speech.

  • TGS 09: Kaz says that network communities are important for business, games

    During big Kaz’s keynote at TGS 09, the Sony bossman told attendees that networking is very important for users, as in it creates experiences they can share with others via network communities, like SingStar and LittleBigPlanet. “These networked communities are new experiences,” said Hirai. “This has made a new business model as well and this […]

  • TGS - LBP now has 2 million user-generated stages

    LittleBigPlanet now has 2 million user-generated stages, Sony boss Kaz Hirai just said in his TGS keynote. Players would need to spend six hours a day for 29 years to play every one, said the exec. Hit this for the rest of the news from Hirai’s speech.

  • TGS: Details for today's Kaz Hirai keynote

    It’s on. Again. Tokyo Game Show kicks off this morning with a keynote from Sony superman Kaz Hirai. His speech starts at 10.30am local time. That’s 2.30am BST, 3.30am CET, 6.30pm PST and 9.30pm EST. The US timings are for today, obviously. We don’t have anyone “on the ground,” unfortunately, but we’ll be bringing you […]