The Long Dark – first in-game images released by Hinterland

The Long Dark has a new set of screenshots available, showing in-game stills. Hinterland’s first-person, post-disaster survival simulation was successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2013. The episodic sandbox title is set in North America after a disaster and is slated for Linux, Mac and PC in October 2014. Raphael van Lierop, Hinterland’s founder and […]

Hinterland headlines

  • The Long Dark Kickstarter ends successfully with $256,217 raised

    The Kickstarter for The Long Dark, Hinterland’s first-person, post-disaster survival simulation, has ended, surpassing its $200,000 goal with $256,217 raised thanks to 6,966 backers.

  • The Long Dark: survival, sandbox and story fuse for all-new experience

    An open world survival sandbox in the frozen north, with no zombies and a strong narrative drive; The Long Dark is ticking a lot of very trendy boxes and standing out from the crowd. We speak with Hinterland about its genre-defying adventure.

  • The Long Dark adds Solid Snake actor to vocal cast

    David Hayter, best known to gamers as the voice of Snake in all Metal Gear Solid Games prior to The Phantom Pain, has signed onto Hinterland’s first-person survival sandbox adventure The Long Dark. Hinterland announced the news in a Kickstarter update, and also provided a new video showing off some of the choices you’ll have […]

  • The Long Dark reaches its Kickstarter goal

    Hinterland has announced that its open world survival game The Long Dark has reached its Kickstarter goal of $200,000, with only 47 hours left.

  • The Long Dark: Jennifer Hale signs onto voice cast

    Jennifer Hale, a prolific voice actor known for her work on Mass Effect, BioShock Infinite, Halo 4, and Metal Gear Solid among dozens of other notable roles, has signed on for a role in The Long Dark, Hinterland’s first-person, post-disaster survival sim. The Long Dark has five days remaining on its Kickstarter campaign and requires […]

  • The Long Dark gets first gameplay footage

    Hinterland has released the first gameplay footage for The Long Dark, its first-person snowbound survival sim. The video clip is narrated by Raphael van Lierop, and shows the different methods of survival against the game’s frozen settings, as well as how to battle wild animals such as wolves

  • The Long Dark Kickstarter update contains first screenshots of first-person sandbox survival game

    The Long Dark Kickstarter page has been updated with the first screenshots of the title fromĀ Hinterland, a studio comprised of ex-Relic, Bioware, Riot and Volition developers. We’ve posted them for you below. The episodic first-person sandbox survival experience set in a North America after a disaster has 10 days left to reach its $200,000 goal, […]

  • The Long Dark from Hinterland lands on Kickstarter

    The Long Dark from the first project from Hinterland, a studio comprised of ex-Relic, Bioware, Riot and Volition developers, has landed on Kickstarter as promised.