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  • Gamers invited to design Conduit control method

    High Voltage put out a press release this morning asking gamers to submit idea about how to control upcoming Wii FPS, The Conduit. Basically, it’s a competition in which you need to provide control gestures for the following: 1. Move Forward/Back 2. Strafe Left/Right 3. Jump/Activate 4. Shoot Weapon 5. Target Lock 6. Crouch 7. […]

  • Diego Stocco to score The Conduit

    High Voltage Software has announced that its Wii-exclusive FPS, The Conduit, has been scored by videogame composer Diego Stocco. Stocco’s credits include Soul Calibur IV, and he’s worked on trailers for movies such as Transformers, Resident Evil: Extinction, Crank, Jumper and Lady in the Water. Full release below. By Mike Bowden

  • Conduit publisher to be announced “in the coming month”

    Did anyone ever doubt that The Conduit, High Voltage Software’s colossally hyped gift to Nintendo’s stultifying devoted “core” fan base, would find a publisher? Well, if you did, prepare to be sorely disappointed. “You want to know about the publisher, don’t you?” Rob Nicholls, the game’s designer, correctly asked Ars Technica. “We’re not ready to […]

  • New The Conduit footage from GC08

    After the drop. High Voltage software has put out some new footage of The Conduit at Games Convention in Leipzig. The shooter scooped loads of awards at E3 earlier this year and this new video goes some way to showing why. Check it out. By Mike Bowden

  • The Conduit to be shown at PAX 2008

    High Voltage Software has announced that the heavily hyped action shooter, The Conduit, will be shown by Nintendo at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo which takes place August 29-31 in Seattle. “PAX is jam-packed wall-to-wall with passionate game fans,” High Voltage CEO Eric Nofsinger said. “We are incredibly honoured to be featured there at Nintendo’s […]

  • Hype overwhelming: The Conduit brings home truckload of E3 awards

    This one’s already almost guaranteed to sell through the roof, but why not give it one more push? GoNintendo sends word that High Voltage Software has made a few new additions to its trophy case. Says the press release: “In a limited showing throughout the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Media and Business Summit, The Conduit […]

  • The Conduit confirmed for E3

    According to this IGN interview, High Voltage Software will definitely show off The Conduit at E3. The Wii shooter caused a stir at its announcement for focussing on “next-gen” graphics, something of a rarity in Wii games. There’s plenty through the link. Watch a new movie after the break.

  • New Conduit shots released, make Wii sweat

    High Voltage has put out some proper screens of Wii shooter The Conduit – as seen on WiiFanboy – showing guns shooting things. We’re not quite sure this is the graphical leap it was supposed to be, but there we are. Take a look.

  • Wii shooter The Conduit for Q1 2009 release

    High Voltage’s The Conduit, a shooter that made waves in May for pushing out some relatively heavy graphics on Wii, will release in the first quarter of next year. “Too many Wii owners have been told that the Wii is a casual platform with no room for serious games or top-tier graphics,” said High Voltage’s […]

  • The Conduit announced - shots and movie

    A first look at High Voltage Software’s The Conduit has popped up on IGN. It’s a a Wii FPS, apparently, and it’s been built from scratch. There are some screens over there and you can watch a movie after the link below. No release date as yet.

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