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  • The Grinder dev calls Arc "an amazing device"

    High Voltage, the studio developing The Grinder, is currently working on Sony’s PS3 Motion Controller, codenamed Arc. Apparently it’s quite good.

  • High Voltage's The Grinder tries seeing other platforms, still wants to be friends with Wii

    Last year, High Voltage was the Wii’s biggest fan, professing its adoration for the little white waggle box at every turn. Now, though, High Voltage has decided it’s simply not ready to settle down with one console just yet, and will play the field with its newly multiplatform-ized shooter The Grinder.

  • High Voltage would like to make a sequel to The Conduit

    High Voltage has stated via a Radio-Blodec podcast that it plans on a least one sequel to The Conduit. “It all depends on the fans and sales but it’s a little early for now to assume anything,” said producer Joshua Olsen. “Anyway, we are very interested to make a sequel to The Conduit, it’s quite […]

  • Edge gives The Conduit 4/10

    Goodbye, MC average. Edge has given High Voltage’s The Conduit a wince-worthy 4/10. You can get all the latest scores from the mag in this EG forum post. Or you could just look below. Thanks, evilashchris. Prototype – 8 Arma 2 – 7 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – 7 The Conduit – 4 Battlefield 1943: […]

  • The Conduit gets 8.6 from IGN

    IGN’s given The Conduit 8.6/10, which is likely to come as relief to the Wii “hardcore”. Snip: It’s not revolutionary, but the Conduit is a great first-person shooter designed just for Wii owners. While the game does not turn the genre upside-down, it is innovative in certain areas — for example, it features the most […]

  • Sega delays Euro release for The Conduit

    The Conduit, originally planned for a UK release on June 26, will instead arrive in stores July 10. Sega UK says it’s a localization issue on the European version, and there have been no changes to the North American date for next week. The High Voltage Software-developed FPS is a Wii exclusive. Via CVG.

  • The Grinder's first video has monsters, guns

    High Voltage has released the first video of four-way Wii shooter The Grinder. Get is after the break. Looks cool, to be fair, what with its guns and bullets and stuff. Take a look. More detail here.

  • First Gladiator A.D. video features man with no head

    After the break. This is the first footage of High Voltage’s newly announced gladiator fighting game, and it looks fairly bloody. And when we say “fairly,” we mean “stupidly”. Out early next year for Wii. Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Second new High Voltage game is The Grinder

    High Voltage has announced The Grinder via IGN, a Wii horror FPS that supports four-way play a la Left 4 Dead. The news comes after the firm yesterday showed grisly Wii fighter Gladiator A.D. for the first time. There’s a four page interview and screens through there.

  • Gladiator A.D. revealed as New High Voltage title, another to be shown tomorrow

    IGN, as promised, has revealed the next High Voltage game to be Gladiator A.D., a “next step in filling the holes in the Wii’s library,” according to dev boss Kerry Ganofsky. Players choose a Gladiator, each with unique attacks, behaviors, moves, and weapons. They then battle through a series of competitions, some one-on-one and some […]

  • Next High Voltage game to be announced today

    IGN’s Twitter‘s confirmed a Memorial Day reveal for High Voltage’s new game. Looks like another Wii effort, assuming “Matt” is Herr Casamassina. The developer’s post-Conduit project was supposed to be an E3 announcement, but you’d better get used to seeing everything first on IGN in the next few weeks. It’s the way of things. We’ll […]

  • Conduit creators to unveil new IP at E3

    High Voltage has said that it will be unveiling a brand new unannounced IP to behind closed media types at E3 next month. From the release: “2009 is already shaping up to be a groundbreaking year for this studio,” said Kerry J. Ganofsky, CEO and founder of High Voltage Software. “The release of The Conduit […]

  • High Voltage to show two Wii exclusives at E3

    Eric Nofsinger has stated that High Voltage will be showing crowds at E3 this year two new Wii exclusives. Both, he said, are first-person shooters capable of hosting five dozen onscreen foes at minimum. Speaking with Nintendo Master, Nofsinger told the French site that the firm wants to “do some things that are very, very […]

  • The Conduit hits Europe on June 26

    Sega’s confirmed via The Conduit’s official site that the Wii shooter will launch in Europe on June 26. It was pinned for a June 23 US release earlier this week. Thanks, NintendoEverything.

  • The Conduit slips to "summer," gets multiplayer trailer

    Sega release a trailer of High Voltage’s The Conduit this afternoon, as you can see after the break. The end of the video unfortunately tells of a slip to “summer” from “spring”. Let’s hope the Wii shooter doesn’t feel like watching the leaves fall off the trees. Take a look.

  • MotionPlus not included in The Conduit because it didn't "fit"

    High Voltage boss Eric Nofsinger has told 1UP that Wii MotionPlus won’t be included in sci-fi shooter The Conduit because it didn’t really add anything. Fair enough. “When we actually implemented it for The Conduit, it didn’t really add anything for our primarily ranged combat,” he said. “We had hoped that it would allow for […]

  • New Conduit shots released in duplicate

    CVG’s published a set of new Conduit shots twice, for some reason. There’s nowt queer as folk. The Wii shooter’s on the way to market via Sega, as is now confirmed, as does appear to be “good.” Look and see.

  • Confirmed: Sega takes The Conduit

    Sega’s press released a deal to publish Wii shooter The Conduit. “The Conduit is one of the most talked-about Wii games this year and High Voltage Software has only scratched the surface of the game in terms of what they have shown so far,” said Simon Jeffery, Sega US boss. “They have proven that graphical […]

  • The Conduit: The entire first level in video

    After the break. It does look good, no doubt. Could motion-controlled FPS be a new way forward for the genre? Could it? God only knows. Take a look and decide for yourself. Game’s out next year.

  • The Conduit: nine new videos

    IGN’s posted up nine new videos of Wii FPS the Conduit, presumably grabbed from a box at yesterday’s Nintendo press event in California. Looks relatively pretty. See for yourself.

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