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Gameloft on cloning accusations: The gaming industry has “maybe one new idea a year”

Gameloft’s been a driving force in the mobile gaming sphere for years now, pumping out such hits as Hal… er, NOVA, Uncharte… er, Shadow Guardian, and Modern Warfare. Or Combat. Or something.Turns out, people notice when you constantly crib notes from the rest of the class. So, Gameloft, what say you?

10 years ago

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    Gameloft has announced five titles it is readying for PSPgo and PSP.“For the past 10 years our focus and expertise has been digitally distributed games. From mobile games to iPhone/iPod Touch to next-gen consoles, our success stems from the ability to adapt and evolve on the latest platforms,” said Gameloft president Michel Guillemot“The PSPgo will […]

    12 years ago