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  • Haze demo on PSN next week as part of PlayStation Day

    According to the official European PlayStation boards, the Haze demo will be added to the European PSN next Tuesday as part of SCEE’s PlayStation Day. They’ve given the full content up date for next week over there. PlayStation Day should be great, by the way. Roll on Tuesday.

  • Haze demo confirmed for "early May"

    Ubisoft’s just confirmed a four-player co-op and campaign demo for PSN release in May. “Coming exclusively to the PlayStation Network in early May, this playable demo will give gamers a taste of not only the single-player campaign in Haze, but will also allow up to four-player, drop-in drop-out co-op play online,” the company said in […]

  • Haze dated as May 23 in Europe

    Ubisoft just confirmed that Haze will release in Europe on May 23. The ship-date for the Free Radical shooter has been the subject of much speculation in the past few months. Most recently, Ubisoft confirmed a May 22 date before immediately retracting it. Hopefully this’ll be the last we hear of the PS3 exclusive before […]

  • Ubisoft retracts May 22 date for Haze

    Ubisoft has just sent out a release schedule with a note that the May 22 release date for Haze confirmed yesterday is incorrect. “Please note: Change to Haze release date is MAY release,” said a spokesperson. “Confirmation of the release date soon.”

  • Haze confirmed for May 22

    Haze is now down for a May 22 release date, Ubisoft has just confirmed. The Free Radical shooter was previously tagged as “May”. It’s PS3-only. For a bit. Maybe.

  • Haze on PS3 "for now"

    Jesus fuck. This is just depressing. Ubisoft has apparently now said that Haze is only on PS3 “for now”, despite everyone involved with the game for the past three years saying it was a PS3 exclusive. We’ve sent Ubisoft a “please, please just say once and for all what’s going on with it” email.

  • For the billionth time, Haze is PS3 exclusive

    Look, we know, OK? Free Radical’s shooter is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Ubisoft said this again at Play.com Live this weekend, reiterating the fact it’ll never come out on Xbox 360. No one knows why but the developer and Ubisoft, and it’ll probably stay that way. Can we drop it now?

  • Haze script is over 1,000 pages long

    According to the promo movie below, the script for Haze is now over 1,000 pages long. That’s a world of pages. The video follows script writer Rob Yascombe as he runs around the studio with a gun interviewing people. It’s Friday, OK?

  • Game to follow Free Rad's Haze won't be platform-exclusive, hints dev

    Speaking here, Derek Littlewood, project lead on Free Radical’s PS3-exclusive shooter Haze, has hinted that we can expect the company’s next project to be multi-format. “As soon as Haze is done I’ll be throwing myself into a tricky duo of projects: ‘Having a life’ and ‘Remembering what my family look like’,” he said. “Release platforms […]

  • Haze for May in Europe

    Ubisoft just confirmed that PS3 exclusive Haze will release in Europe in May. The Free Radical shooter was announced for a May release in the US yesterday.

  • Haze for May in the US

    So says this. Apparently the Free Radical shooter’s going to be given an M rating in America. We’ve had no word on a European date as yet, and is still down as “Q2”. The PS3 exclusive is set in a near-future world of… killing people. Looks fun. We’ll try to get a European date tomorrow.

  • Retailers say May 20 for Haze

    Haze, the Free Radical shooter, will release on May 20 in America and May 22 in Europe, according to a bunch of retailers to be found here. Publisher Ubisoft currently has this down as a second fiscal quarter game, meaning it’ll ship between April and June this year, although there’s been no specific confirmation of […]

  • Haze co-op video looking good

    A decent sized video of Haze co-op play here, and it’s all looking promising enough. There seem to be some fantastic particle effects going on from explosions and smoke grenades, and news that the entire campaign can be played through with four players should pique interest of many thirsting for a new, proper, buddy-buddy experience […]

  • Hazey date set

    Ubisoft’s latest release schedule has put a loose release date on Free Radical’s oft-slipped shooter, Haze, promising a “Q1” turn-out. That’s actually Ubi’s first financial quarter, so don’t wet the bed just yet. The game will ship in Europe between April and June this year. Delays for the title were getting a little yawn-worthy, so […]

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