Microsoft sued over alleged gay discrimination

Jamie Durrant, a former Lionhead employee, is suing Microsoft for “hurt feelings” and lost pay to the tune of £45,000 after he claims he was abused for being openly gay.Durrant claims that the atmosphere at work – where he’d been employed for 11 years – turned nasty after Microsoft bought the developer.Around January of last […]

12 years ago

Hate headlines

  • Soul Calibur for XBLA in HD with NO ONLINE PLAY

    We nearly choked on our own tongues when we read this. Namco’s announced that the original Soul Calibur is going to be made available on XBLA this summer. In HD. It’s too good to be true. And it is.Apparently there’s no online multiplayer. Absolute fucking genius. So nearly the greatest thing ever just crumbled to […]

    13 years ago