Hardware Sales

UK: Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS top hardware sales in 2013

2013 is over and the numbers are in, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 is the best selling home console in the UK, whereas the Nintendo 3DS family is the best selling handheld.

7 years ago

Hardware Sales headlines

  • PS4's pre-orders outstrip those of PS2 and PS3

    Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 4 pre-orders are way ahead of its predecessors.

    7 years ago
  • Sun setting on 360's retail presence in Japan

    Microsoft’s console has never set the Japanese charts alight, but six years after its launch falling sales are prompting some retailers to call time on Xbox 360.

    9 years ago
  • PS3 sells 1.1 million in Australia

    Sony’s announced sales of 1 million units for PS3 in Australia.

    10 years ago
  • May NPD - DS and Wii lead hardware pack

    Nintendo platforms were dominant in the US last month, while Xbox 360 led a lacklustre race against PS3.Stats: PS2 – 117K PlayStation 3 – 131K PSP – 100.4K Xbox 360 – 175K Wii – 289.5K Nintendo DS – 633.5K

    12 years ago
  • January NPD: Nintendo clear hardware winner once again

    The January 2009 NPD hardware results have just been released, and, surprising no one, Nintendo is the definitive winner of the lot.The results are as follows: Wii – 679,000 DS – 510,000 Xbox 360 – 309,000 PS3 – 203,000 PS2 – 101,000 PSP – 172,000 The run down on all the January numbers can be found […]

    12 years ago
  • November NPD: Wii sells over 2 million consoles to blitz hardware race

    Wii sold over 2 million units last month, according to NPD figures, while 360 outsold PS3 by more than 2:1.DS beat 1.5 million units. It’s all go. Figures in full below. PlayStation 2 – 206K PlayStation 3 – 378K PSP – 421K Xbox 360 – 836K Wii – 2.04 million DS – 1.57 million

    12 years ago
  • September NPD - Wii pulls ahead, 360 takes PS3

    Nintendo console sales again flattened the competition in the US last month, with 360 comfortably ahead of PS3 following a heavy price cut. Find all the raw NPD data here. Wii – 687.0K Nintendo DS – 536.8K Xbox 360 – 347.2K PSP – 238.1K PlayStation 3 – 232.4K PlayStation 2 – 173.5K

    12 years ago
  • May NPD: PS3 outsells 360, Wii nearly beats 360 install base

    Wii and DS contined to destroy the competition in American hardware sales in May, selling well in excess of 1 million units between them last month.PS3 outsold Xbox 360, despite Michael Pachter’s prediction that the situation would be reversed. The news will comes as a blow to Microsoft, who had banked on GTA IV moving […]

    13 years ago
  • May NPD: Total sales hit $1.12 billion, show 37% YoY increase

    May NPD data has shown that total industry sales in the US hit $1.12 billion last month, a year-on-year increase of 37 percent.Software sales rose 41 percent to $536.9 million, while hardware figures increased 34 percent to $428.6 million.Sales of accessories were up 30 percent to $150.8 million.Read the rest of our NPD coverage here.

    13 years ago
  • Wii's first 18 months have seen record software and hardware sales in the US

    According to this Kotaku piece, Wii’s American software and hardware sales for the first 18 months of its life have been the highest of any platform in history, Nintendo said today.Speaking at the Electronic Gaming Summit in the US, NoA marketing head Cammie Dunaway said, “While we appreciate the impact the Playstation 2 had on […]

    13 years ago
  • April NPD: Wii dominates hardware sales, 360 beats PS3

    Well, if that’s all 360 can manage after such massive sales of GTA IV last month, we get the sneaking suspicion summer may not be so pretty for Microsoft. Xbox 360 just outsold PS3 in April in the US, moving 188,000 units compared to PS3’s 187,100.Wii and DS lorded over it all, destroying the competition […]

    13 years ago
  • Wii still leading Japan hardware sales

    We’re just going to put that headline on macro. Here’s Japanese hardware figures from February 18-24. Wii – 63,504 PSP – 53,373 Nintendo DS – 50,151 PlayStation 3 – 14,060 PlayStation 2 – 9,634 Xbox 360 – 2,001

    13 years ago
  • Wii still leading Japanese hardware sales

    Says so here. And DS isn’t far behind, either. Here’s the list, figures being from February 11-17: Wii – 78,583 Nintendo DS – 62,362 PSP – 59,654 PlayStation 3 – 17,637 PlayStation 2 – 11,266 Xbox 360 – 2,198

    13 years ago
  • Wii stays on top in Japan hardware figures

    Wii’s still outselling everything else in Japan, still on top from last week’s chart. Note that PS3 and Xbox 360 sales have both almost halved, Devil May Cry 4 boosting those figures in the previous week.Wii – 81,737 PSP – 75,912 Nintendo DS – 60,464 PlayStation 3 – 23,985 PlayStation 2 – 11,038 Xbox 360 […]

    13 years ago
  • "Exceedingly strong" PS3 performance in 2008, says Hickey

    Janco analyst Mike Hickey has given hardware sales estimates for the year, predicting a tie in the US for PS3 and Xbox 360 at 5 million units a piece, with Wii stealing the show with 8 million. Stealing the show, that is, apart from DS: Hickey expects Americans to buy another 8 million units of […]

    13 years ago