Hands-on headlines

  • Dante's return in Devil May Cry 5 is the real deal - hands-on

    Dante has always been a charmer, but there’s something especially cool about how the seasoned hero appears in Devil May Cry 5.

  • Monster Hunter World's first ten hours are a brilliant, faithful entry point to the series

    After a very lengthy hands-on session, it seems clear Capcom is on the right track with their monster-slaying action RPG series.

  • Genesis Alpha One looks to be an interesting DNA-splicing space roguelike

    Genesis Alpha One is in early days, but it has a lot of promise.

  • What it feels like to play PS4's Project Morpheus

    Stace Harman tumbles down the rabbit hole to find Morpheus and is introduced to a shark, a dragon and a sky full of spaceships for his troubles.

  • Wii U launch games hands-on: play details from Germany

    Wii U is on tour following Nintendo’s launch details reveal event last week. VG247’s Dave Cook goes hands-on with the console’s launch slate in Germany to find out which ones are worth getting.

  • PS Vita playable at gamescom

    A Sony PR representative has confirmed to VG247 that members of the public will get their first hands-on opportunity with the company’s shiny, new handheld at gamescom next month.

  • E3: Hands-on, impressions, previews from around the net

    There are so many previews, hands-on posts, and impressions out there that our head is finally starting hurt. We’ve decided to put them in one post for you today, since there seem to be quite a few popping up now that folks have gotten home. Get acquainted with the few we’ve got so far, and […]

  • WiiU - Hands-on impressions and hardware photos

    Keza MacDonald was one of the first journalists in the world to get hands-on time with WiiU, Nintendo’s next console, at E3 this morning. We have shots and impressions inside.

  • Hands-on: Homefront's an innovative FPS which doesn't shy away from controversial themes

    Modern military FPS games, viewed ungenerously, are basically a sequence of orders cloaked in comfortingly abstract jargon, removing any illusion that you’re shooting at actual people. Go here, put C4 on that, shoot that dude, defend this building, oskar mike tango down eliminate contact GET ON THE MACHINEGUN RAMIREZ . As a cog in the […]

  • IGN has first Fallout 3 hands-on

    IGN has published the first Fallout 3 hands-on and it’s positive, to say the least. “Before I go on, though, please understand — calling Fallout 3 one of the most impressive videogames of the year in a season that has already brought us Metal Gear Solid 4 and Grand Theft Auto IV isn’t meant to […]

  • E3 hands-on with EndWar, new video

    Gamespot’s posted up its pre-E3 hands-on with voice-controlled RTS Tom Clancy’s EndWar, and there’s still plenty of reason to be cheerful from the sound of it. It will only take a few minutes of ordering “unit one to attack hostile two” and “unit three to secure Yankee” before you’ll be fully engrossed in the battle. […]

  • GamePro gets hands-on with Halo Wars

    And here it is. The actual impressions are here. This quote from Ensemble producer Harter Ryan pretty much sums it up: “If Halo Wars is successful, it won’t only be viewed as a great Halo game,” Ensemble Studios executive producer Harter Ryan explains. “We’re looking for a bigger success — to establish the strategy genre […]