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EA comms boss slams Activision over ESA exit

EA communications head Jeff Brown has told GamesIndustry that Activision and Vivendi’s decision to leave ESA is down to a lack of strong management.“I think having [Activision and Vivendi] pull out of the ESA reflects an unfortunate lack of leadership,” he said.“They’re a big company and we feel that when you’re a big company you’ve […]

13 years ago

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  • EA top brass "laughed" at Kotick soul-sucker remark

    EA communications boss Jeff Brown has claimed that no one at EA took seriously a comment from Activision boss Bobby Kotick that EA “did a very good job of taking the soul out of a lot of the studios it acquired.”“The truth is, everyone laughed,” said Brown, talking to NewsWeek.“In the past year EA has […]

    13 years ago