Halo Wars: Universe Expanded

Halo Wars: Universe Expanded vidoc – parts 2 and 3 released

Microsoft’s put out the second and third parts of its Halo Wars-inspired documentary on the Halo universeYou’ll find all three parts after the break. It’s essential stuff for fans and interesting stuff for everyone else.Watch it even if you hate Halo, in fact. Getting some background on one of the most successful game franchises of […]

12 years ago

Halo Wars: Universe Expanded headlines

  • Microsoft announces Halo Wars vid series

    Microsoft just announced a “Halo Wars: Universe Expanded” video series.It’s a three-part thing, showing how Halo Wars fits in with the rest of the Halo games.The first part’s available on March 2.Press release after the break. Halo Wars releases tomorrow.

    12 years ago