Gyromancer and Hitman: Sniper Challenge now available through Square’s CoreOnline service

Square Enix has announced that Hitman: Sniper Challenge, the pre-order incentive for Hitman: Absolution, and Gyromancer – the puzzle-RPG – are now available on its free-to-play platform, CoreOnline. The service now features six games available instantly in your browser, with more games to come. Users can play on the service free for 20 minutes per […]

8 years ago

Gyromancer headlines

  • Tropico 3 demo now on Live; Diner Dash & Gyromancer added to Arcade

    Xbox Live has a demo up of Tropico 3 and it is available in all regions for Goldens, El Presidente.Go try it out and rule your realm with an iron fist.Also available on Arcade as of today is Diner Dash where you must Help Flo turn her greasy spoon into a five-star restaurant – just […]

    11 years ago
  • Square and PopCap announce a date for Gyromancer

    Square and PopCap’s new puzzle RPG for XBLA and PC, Gyromancer, has a date. November 18.You know you want it. Watch a video of it over D’toid.

    11 years ago
  • Square and PopCap to release puzzle RPG for XBLA and PC

    Square and PopCap announced Gyromancer at TGS, a new puzzle RPG for XBLA and PC.The game uses Bejeweled Twist’s game mechanic, according to PopCap, and so far all that is known at the moment is that the main character is a mage, and there are over 10 stages and 50 different beast to join in […]

    11 years ago